WAKE UP, Chinese people!

People make protests to show their objection by words or action. That’s the case in Iran where people show anger towards the anti-Islamic film, in China where people against Japan’s purchase of Diaoyu Islands, and else wherever people feel irritable with the government action.

In China, I haven’t seen people being so angry until news came that Japan purchased Diaoyu Islands. Tracking the source of anger, it’s due to not just the current islands conflict, but also the historical origin – Japan’s invasion into China during World War II. There’s a deeply-rooted hatred lying in the mind of Chinese people, especially for the elder generation.

In response to Japan’s purchase, Chinese people rally together across the nation to demonstrate on streets, burn Japanese cars, destroy Japanese properties, etc. They hate everything related to JAPAN. Protest crazily upgraded into violence. But what does that bring about? Success? NO! We are hurting our own Chinese people, we are smashing our own humanity conscience, and we are turning into monsters, while these acts do tiny help to address the conflict.

Here’s a short story:

Jianli Li, 51, met the demonstration while driving in his Japanese car on Sep. 15, 2012. The demonstrators destroyed his car, and more seriously, his head got hit by a U-shape iron lock. His wife begged the demonstrators by saying: “Buying this car cost us years of saving. Don’t do that to us! ” But that does no help. After being sent to the hospital, Li was in a coma for three days.


See what has been done? The islands conflict brings nationalism and patriotism. Everyone has their rights to demonstrate their anger, but not in this way. We don’t have rights to hurt others, and to damage other’s property. We should never blind ourselves with stupid patriotism. Refusing to buy Japanese products means less free trade and economic slowdown. Smashing Japanese cars means extra money are needed to repair, or even to buy a new car. Let’s do things in a smarter way.

Hey, guys! We are hurting more!